What is dysphagia

Dysphagia refers to the symptom of having difficulty in swallowing and is very common in Tay-Sachs suffers. Parents are usually told that their child will/has problems with their swallowing although they are rarely told why this symptom occurs. We hope the points below provide an easy to follow explanation. Overview An explanation of dysphagia is…


What is hypotonia (low tone)

Hypotonia, or low tone as it is commonly referred to by physiotherapists is a common symptom of Tay-Sachs. Parents are regularly told that their child has this “tone” problem – but the usual explanation is simply that the child has low tone. We have put together an explanation which may be more informative than normal!…


What is a cherry-red spot

One of the signs of Tay-Sachs is the presence of a cherry-red spot. When this is found, you will probably be told in technical terms that it occurs in the eye and that it is a sign of a lipid storage disease. However, people are rarely actually told what a cherry-red spot is in language…

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