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Thank you for choosing to take part in The CATS 10K Challenge! The idea of the challenge is to get someone different to run 10km for the charity every single day for a year. The CATS 10K Challenge will begin on the 27th July 2012 and will end one year later (although this has now been extended).

In the calendar below, the days marked in orange do not currently have a runner while the days in white do. We are encouraging people to chose a day which we have free – but if you are unable to run on any of the these days then please feel free to run on a day which we already have a runner for.

How to take part in The CATS 10K Challenge

To take part in the challenge all you have to do is follow the six east steps below. You can find a more in-depth overview of the challenge by clicking on the link here.

  1. Find a date which currently does not have a runner – highlighted in orange
  2. Fill in the online form – complete with your details (this can be accessed by clicking here) and wait for your confirmation email
  3. Make your donation on JustGiving – you can access the fundraising page here
  4. Receive your running vest in the post – we will send this to you a week before your run
  5. Run your 10k on your allocated date – we will send you a reminder email the day before
  6. Take your picture after your 10k – then send it to us by email here or upload it onto our Facebook page here

Donate JustGiving

Please click on the JustGiving button on the left to make your donation to The CATS 10K Challenge.


Already run but want to do another 10K and show your support?

If you have already completed your run as part of The CATS 10K Challenge but want to show your support to the charity and challenge by running again then please sign up for another date as before – just check the box which asks whether you have already run for us before!

All we are asking is that you instead make a £5 donation and choose a date which you want to run on. Your name will appear on the calendar once we have got a new runner for that date as we still want to try and get 365 different runners for the year!

Click here to book your run now



  1. Geza Hajgato
    June 13, 2012

    I am participating in Cardiff on behalf of Bradley Watson

  2. Angela Elshaw
    June 13, 2012

    28th or 30th August or any Thursday in September.

  3. Mariella Pergola Donini
    March 8, 2013

    per te Luca…piccolo angelo

  4. Graziella Vitrano
    April 4, 2013

    In memoria di Luca, e di tutti i bambini affetti da questa brutta malattia, per il sostegno delle famiglie che combattono!

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