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Trustee Meeting Summary – November 2011

In accordance with our Trust Deed document all of the trustees of THE CATS FOUNDATION were required to get together to have a Trustee Meeting – this was schedule for the 17th November 2011.

At the charity we want to keep everyone who supports us up-to-date with all information relating to the THE CATS FOUNDATION. This is why we are providing a short summary of what was discussed in the last Trustee Meeting as without everyone’s support we would not have been able to develop the charity as quickly as possible.

The meeting was held on the 17th November 2011 and a summary of what was discussed is shown below. Please use the contact us form if you would like more information.

The CATS Foundation Trustees

  • Daniel Lewi
  • Patricia Durao-Lewi
  • Kathryn Lewi
  • Daniel How
  • Llywelyn ap Gwilym (unable to attend the meeting)

Meeting agenda

  1. Accounts
  2. Budget
  3. Merchandise
  4. Current Fundraising Events
  5. Future Fundraising Events
  6. Charity Website
  7. General Charity Admin

1. Accounts

It was discussed that we should look into securing an accountant to manage the accounts in the new year. This will be an individual appointed by the trustees who will not be paid for their services but will be donating their time and expertise.

There has been a steady flow of donations to the charity it now that the we are registered we will put together a Give As You Earn (GAYE) form so that people can donate via their own pay roll at work to enable us to claim the tax back on the donation.

2. Budget

It was discussed that the charity needs to work on a budget allocation of the funds – although this should be flexible in the first year of operation. It was agreed that we need to allocate funding for:

  • Research that is being carried out
  • Equipment that might be needed for beneficiaries of THE CATS FOUNDATION
  • Marketing costs to promote THE CATS FOUNDATION including merchandise

To ensure that the each objective of the charity can be met (as detailed in our Trustee Agreement document which can be viewed on the charity commission website) it was agreed that the budget allocation will be set at the below. These have been set for the first year although are flexible if all the trustees agree on the changes. The percentages will be worked out based on the previous years total fundraising (the charities financial year runs from 1st July to 30th June).

  • 60% set aside to fund research that is being carried out for Tay-Sachs disease – this can be given either for separate research projects if the funding allows or given as a one-off lump sum at the end of the year (all the trustees must agree upon what research and/or projects are funded)
  • 10% ring fenced of the total amount raised to purchase equipment for beneficiaries – limited to a maximum of £250 per beneficiary unless a higher value is agreed upon by all the trustees
  • 20% set aside of total amount raised to fund marketing costs
  • 10%  set aside for merchandise costs

3. Merchandise

The current merchandise which the charity has (wrist bands, t-shirts and mini-piggy banks) have sold well and it was discussed about what should be re-ordered and what other things should be researched to be used to market the charity. It was decided the following will be researched so that an online shop (already designed for the website but not yet live due to lack of products) will be used to sell and raise money for the charity.

  • Pin badges with a smaller logo (already designed)
  • T-shirts in men’s, ladies’ and children’s sizes rather than a uni-sex version we currently have
  • Polo tops with a logo on the left chest
  • Additional wrist bands to be ordered
  • New banners ordered with the charity registration number on them (the Elveden Estate will keep the current banner for future events they will be holding for the charity)

4. Current Fundraising Events

All of the current and past fundraising events were discussed where it was determined that each was a success in their own right. We have spread the charity name and raised awareness of Tay-Sachs within communities but we need to start getting the message to larger communities. Now that the charity is registered it will be easier to achieve this as we can now use online fundraising tools.

5. Future Fundraising Events

All of the future fundraising events were discussed and new ideas were given. One is to have a “Come Dine With Me” style event which is currently being worked on. We will be exploring the following ideas for larger events but hope that people will continue to put on events themselves – this has been one of the most successful aspects of the charity so far:

  • Dine and Wine at Mine
  • 5-a-side football tournament
  • Charity rugby game
  • Mass attendance to a 5km run
  • Charity golf day and auction dinner
  • London to Paris cycle ride
  • Swimming the Bosporus

6. Charity Website

The website was discussed and user stats show that there is a month on month increase on new users and page hits. The research updates provided by the research team will increase and the FAQ section will be updated once a week.

7. General Charity Admin

We will continue to fill out and send off the forms that are required as we are now registered. We plan to get all the HMRC documents completed by the end of the year. We are going to explore whether the charity can be registered in Portugal (and then other countries) as there are events happening there for the charity.

Please use the contact us form if you would like more information on the trustee meeting held in November 2011.

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