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The Jelf CATS 10K Challenge – December 2012

December has seen The Jelf CATS 10K Challenge continue into the holiday period! Below are the pictures of everyone who took part – we would like to thank everyone who ran their 10K when others were sitting inside warm houses!

If you would like to take part in the challenge then please follow the 6 simple steps to signing up at the bottom of this page. If you would like to read more information about The Jelf CATS 10K Challenge then click here.

1st December – Sarah Morris   Worcester – England
2nd December – Hayley Southgate   Melksham – England
3rd December – Scott Goodwin   Watford – England

4th December – Bruce Carle   Gosport – England
4th December – Sian Rendell   Caerphilly – Wales
5th December – Lee Jones
  Caerphilly – Wales

6th December – Amanda Hyatt   Brighton – England
7th December – Melissa Gilmour
  Upminster – England
8th December – Marco Osorio   Porto – Portugal

8th December – Rebecca Pritchard & Beverley Good   Caerphilly – Wales
9th December – Hannah Prentice   Harpenden – England
10th December – Sharon Parkin   Edinburgh – Scotland

11th December – Computacenter (NBS) Team   Swindon – England

12th December – Victoria Hemmins
  Swindon – England
13th December – Sue, Kerry & Brian   Gosport – England
14th December – Anna Boyd
  Swindon – England

15th December – Lesley Wallace
  Kendal – England
16th December – Becky Smith   Royston – England
16th December – Luis Matos   Porto – Portugal

17th December – team mtn-i   London – England

17th December – James Green
  Martin Hussingtree – England
18th December – Chris Pottrell
  Martin Hussingtree – England
19th December – Adam Griffin
  Martin Hussingtree – England

20th December – Kevin Haines   Swindon – England
20th December – Sharon Dickson
  Bexhill-on-Sea – England
21st December – Jo Cresswell   Essex – England

22nd December – Tiff Ampt   Victoria – Australia

23rd December – Kevin Smith
  Southampton – England
24th December – Tom James   Caerphilly – Wales

25th December – Matthew James
  Cardiff – Wales
26th December – Sharon Bullock
  Kendal – England
27th December – Dawn Barras
  Swindon – England

28th December – Chantel & Deon de Villiers   South Africa
28th December – Stephanie Cutter   Thetford – England
29th December – Mark James
  Caerphilly – Wales

30th December – Karen Hyslop   Paisley – Scotland
31st December – Jane Cooper
  Swindon – England

How to take part in The Jelf CATS 10K Challenge

To take part in the challenge all you have to do is follow the six east steps below. You can find a more in-depth overview of the challenge by clicking on the link here.

  1. Find a date which currently does not have a runner – highlighted in orange
  2. Fill in the online form – complete with your details (this can be accessed by clicking here) and wait for your confirmation email
  3. Make your donation on JustGiving – you can access the fundraising page here
  4. Receive your running vest in the post – we will send this to you a week before your run
  5. Run your 10k on your allocated date – we will send you a reminder email the day before
  6. Take your picture after your 10k – then send it to us by email here or upload it onto our Facebook page here

Donate JustGiving

Please click on the JustGiving button on the left to make your donation to The Jelf CATS 10K Challenge.

Click here to book your run now

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