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St David’s Day Run 2012 – Event Summary

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A couple of weeks before Christmas my nephew Archie Watson was diagnosed with Tay Sachs disease. Archie had spent the months prior to this in and out of hospital following a number of seizures during the summer and it was a massive blow when the news finally came that Archie had Tays-Sachs.

However instead of drawing the curtains Archie’s parents Brad and Lauren showed us what incredible people they are by declaring that they were going to live life to the full and make Archie’s life the best they could. It was amazing to see such courage and they have truly been an inspiration to me and the rest of Archie’s family and friends.

And with that a collective decision was made to raise as much awareness and money as possible to help in the fight against this terrible disease. It was at this time we were introduced to THE CATS FOUNDATION and two more amazing parents Dan and Patricia Lewi.

Everyone who took part in the run

Matt James, Archie’s Uncle and Lauren’s brother, then had the great idea of doing the St David’s Day Run in Cardiff to raise money for THE CATS FOUNDATION. Myself, Adam Gauci (Brad’s closest friend) and Aiofe Treacy (Matt’s fiancé) instantly put our name’s down as well. Matt also organised a team of amazing people to join us. The Team Archie runners confidently agreed to run the 10k with myself going for the rather less challenging 5k. In truth I would have loved to have run the 10k but as I hadn’t run since school (16 years ago) and spent my twenties enjoying a rather unhealthy lifestyle my confidence of completing any type of run was quite low.

So as soon as I polished off the last bit of Christmas turkey, that was it, training time! The once / twice a week pizza disappeared, the local Chinese took a dent in their profits and my love of drinking cold beer on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday night is almost a distant memory!

These were shortly replaced with a twice weekly run, a gym membership, an almost saturated fat free diet and a new found love of healthy chicken and veg stir fry. Crickey I even started cooking food rather than warming it through in the oven!

I quickly found that this exercise malarkey is not that bad and with my distance increasing and my times decreasing my confidence grew. It was now race day and I was slightly (very) envious of the 10kers and was kicking myself for not going for the longer distance however thought I would redeem myself by putting in as quick a time as I could. Before today I had only run 5k in less than 30 minutes once (29.31) so was pleasantly pleased with the final time of just over 27 minutes.

In freezing cold wind and only shorts to keep my legs warm it was then time to watch the 10kers do their thing. Well done guys amazing effort and I thank every one of you for committing your time to help!

The CATS Foundation awards go to the following

  • Tom James (Fastest Male and Biggest Poser for turning around for a photo whilst running)
  • Aoife Treacy (Fastest Woman)
  • Adam Gauci and Matt James (Cutest Couple for not leaving each other’s side for the whole 10k)

Team Archie St David’s Day Roll of Honour

Brian Watson Matt James Adam Gauci Aoife Treacy Jon Bennett
Jonathan Richards Colin Lougher Kris Harris Adam Leewarden Sion Cleverly
Rhys Cleverly Tom James Matt Hutcherson James Jones Richard Harding

Photos of the run

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Event details

Date 4th March 2012
Event name St David’s Day Run 2012
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