Respite trips for the Watson family

When the CATS foundation announced a holiday fund we couldn’t have been happier. The fund was there to be spent how we wished, we could take Archie or we could use it as respite. We choose to use the fund for respite. We had enjoyed many trips with Archie the year previous but since Christmas he deteriorated quite a lot and thought best to keep him home more. This took its tool on me and Brad. I was having a difficult time and so we decided to contact CATS to see if we could use some of our budget to go away for a relaxing break. We decided in the middle of the week and the CATs arranged it all and we were off on that Friday. Stress free and a perfect weekend away to recharge our batteries and spend some quality together.

We also used it for a small break after Archie had gained his angel wings. We picked a cottage right on the sea front and were able to relax, and remember all the wonderful memories we had with Archie.

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