Research Aricle – The cellular pathology of lysosomal disease

In January 2012 a research article called “The cellular pathology of lysosomal disease” (Cox and Cachón-González 2012) was published in The Journal of Pathology which examined lysosomes.

The research article objectives

The objectives of the study was to examine lysosomal disease and to investigate how they affect the body.
You can download the research article by clicking on the image below or you can access an online version here.

The cellular pathology of lysosomal diseases

The research article conclusion

Cox and Cachón-González (2012) provide an overview of lysosomal diseases and their pathobiology. The evolution of events leading to irreversible changes of these diseases may be dissociated from the cellular storage phenotype, as revealed by the outcome of therapeutic gene transfer undertaken at different stages of disease (Cox and Cachón-González 2012).

Source: Cox, T. M. and Cachón-González, M. B. (2012), The cellular pathology of lysosomal diseases. Journal of Pathology, 226: 241–254. doi: 10.1002/path.3021

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