13in13 Challenge

Press – Echo Newspaper, May 2012

The Echo Newspaper in Essex ran a story about THE CATS FOUNDATION and the 13 marathons in 13 months challenge! They interviewed my big brother Matt Lewi about how Tay-Sachs has affected the family and how we are planning on raising as much awareness about the disease as possible.

According to the story Matt is running all 13 marathons with Danny and me (!) and part of the story called out for more runners to join us on the next marathon in the challenge which is the Billericay Run – you can read more on this here.

The article can be viewed below and there is a close up of the text in the bottom image.

Echo Newspaper - 18th May 2012

Echo Newspaper - 18th May 2012

We would like to thank Matt for organising this article with the local press so that we can raise as much awareness about Tay-Sachs and THE CATS FOUNDATION.





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