A family affected by Tay-Sachs appeared on the morning TV show Daybreak on Tuesday 9th July 2012 highlighting the difficulties of living with the disease.

The Atzori family have a son called Luca who was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs earlier this year and they are currently experiencing difficulties getting their eldest daughter into a local school. They are asking for the local council to allow them to send Ella to a school close to their home so that Luca will not have to travel in the car every day as their neighbors will be able to take Ella for them. Unfortunately they had a school appeal turned down which means that Ella has to go to a school further away. This consequently means that Luca’s health will be put at risk as he will have to go with his parents when she is dropped off and picket up at school.

The family are asking for everyone’s support to encourage the council to change their mind so that Ella can go to a closer school and so that Luca’s health is not compromised.

You can watch the families appearance on Daybreak in the video below.