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Liar’s League evening for The CATS Foundation – Parent & Child, June 2015


The award-winning, BBC-broadcast short story reading night Liars’ League held a charity event on Tuesday June 23rd at The Peckham Pelican (London).

Their Parent & Child night is to raise awareness of The CATS Foundation and both Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff disease to a new audience.

The winning stories

The winning stories, featuring dragons, armed robbers, estranged mothers, fertility clinics and a divorce meeting at the Little Chef, are shown below. Their videos of the can be watched on YouTube.

  • Mei Ling’s Story by Anna Giokas

  • Breakfast on the Motorway by Andrew McDonnell

  • Destiny’s Children by Rosalind Stopps

  • How to Change your Dragon by Francine Castile 

  • Introducing The CATS Foundation by Daniel Lewi 


Video playlist

Videos of all the stories can be watched below and are available on YouTube.


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