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How Fresenius Kabi can help an individual with swallowing difficulties is by focusing on the therapy of chronically and critically ill patients, both in hospitals and at home settings.

As a European leader in Nutrition and Infusion therapy, Fresenius Kabi is committed developing innovative product and services to help support patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

Thick and Easy is a market leading food and drink thickener that enables patients with swallowing problems who require a texture modified diet and thickened drinks to meet energy, nutrient and fluid requirements, while reducing the risk of aspiration.

Fresenius Kabi believe that good food is for everyone, and through using Thick and Easy along with its full tailored support and training services this can be achieved.

Support and training includes:

  • Nutrition Helpline with registered Dietitians
  • Training DVDs
  • Product demonstrations and food ideas
  • Food moulds, drink shakers
  • Training and educational support

THE CATS FOUNDATION will be working with Fresenius Kabi in the future so that we can provide information to families affected by Tay-Sachs. This information will be tailored to dealing with dysphagia and any other swallowing difficulties which may be encountered. If you would like to any more details on this then please contact us and we will send you a copy.

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