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THE CATS FOUNDATION is now on TheGivingMachine!

TheGivingMachine is a not for profit online fundraising website that enables online shoppers to give cash donations to any and all UK schools & charities, for free.

How is it free?

When you buy online via TheGivingMachine, a sales commission is received from the participating shop. 75% of this is converted into a donation on your behalf and sent to your chosen beneficiary(s). 25% is retained to contribute to costs of maintaining the website and distributing donations.

You are buying the same products, at the same price, on the same shopping websites as if you went direct but the difference is; by shopping via TheGivingMachine you generate free cash donations at no extra cost to you personally.

How does TheGivingMachine work for givers?

To use TheGivingMachine there are three simple steps:

  • JOIN – and support your chosen charities/schools
  • SHOP – via TheGivingMachine at any of the participating online shops
  • SEE – your donations in your own giver account

How do I join TheGivingMachine?

It is very easy to join TheGivingMachine – simply click on the link here are you can join.

On the beneficiary section please search for THE CURE & ACTION FOR TAY-SACHS (CATS) FOUNDATION. You can then select the charity as one of your beneficiaries when you do your online shopping.

What shops are available on TheGivingMachine?

There are over 400 shops avaliable on TheGivingMachine. We have listed a few below, but you can see a complete list if you sign up yourself – you can do that by clicking here.

Thank you everyone who signs up to use the service and if you have any questions then please use the contact us form.


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