One of our main objectives at THE CATS Foundation is supporting families who are affected by Tay-Sachs – one of our aims has been to be in a position where we can offer families respite trips and/or family holidays by funding these breaks.

From the beginning of 2013 we are now excited to say we can now offer this to all the families who are members of THE CATS Foundation! We feel this will provide the families with a break from their day-to-day routine and experience something different with their family.

How does the funding work?

The big difference to other charities who offer this service is that at THE CATS Foundation we will potentially fund more than one trip a year. Rather than pay for one holiday, we have a budget that each family is able to use throughout one year. This means they can either take a few shorter breaks spread out through 2013 or they can apply for funding for one big trip in the year. The best thing about this is that it enables each family to choose what types of holidays suit them!

Who is eligible to apply for a holiday?

To be eligible for the funding the families must be a member of THE CATS Foundation – this means they will currently have a child affected by Tay-Sachs or Sandhoff disease and live in the UK. All we ask is that each family use the contact us form here and state they would like to apply for funding for a trip – we will then send a short document to read which explains in greater depth how the funding works and some information we require for the funding to be approved by the trustees.

What type of trips will the charity fund?

Below is a short summary of the trips we will fund:

  • Family holidays in the UK or abroad
  • Weekend breaks for the family in the UK or abroad
  • Weekend breaks for parents where they will get some respite

All we ask is that each trip is covered with some form of cancellation insurance. We have experience of trips needing to be cancelled at the last minute where the costs of the holiday have been lost.

How do we apply for funding?

The simple step-by-step application to apply for funding is shown below:

  1. Request information on this service using the contact us form here
  2. Find the holiday you would like to go on and note down the costs
  3. Read the document emailed to you detailing the service and fill in the relevant information and send this back to us
  4. We will review the request and seek trustee approval (takes 1-5 days)
  5. Upon approval we will pay either the travel operator directly or refund the costs once we receive an invoice

If you have any questions about the information above then please do not hesitate to contact us form here. We would like to thank everyone who has enabled us to offer this service to families affected by Tay-Sachs.