Change for a Charity

Change for a Charity

At THE CATS FOUNDATION we are launching a new challenge to donate – it’s called the Change for a Charity challenge!

The idea is that everyone collects their loose change and donate this to THE CATS FOUNDATION once a month.

To make the donation you will be able to either make a bank transfer, use PayPal or pop into Lloyds Bank (who the charity banks with) to make your donation after counting up all the change you have managed to save.

We would like as many people as possible to take up this challenge! You can request the bank account details below so you can make the transfer or you can donate via the PayPal button.

Every month we will post how much money we have received through the Change for a Charity challenge and how many people took part – we hope everyone does!

Once the charity is registered we will start using the services provided by Ploink! who specialise in this form of making a donation.

Click here to get an email with the charity bank details

Use the PayPal button below to donate to our Change for a Charity challenge.


  1. Daniel Lewi
    August 29, 2011

    We have now ordered the mini piggy banks for people to collect their change! Once they have been delivered we will take a photo and get it online – please get in touch if you want to buy one!

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