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Change for a Charity – Order your Piggy Bank

We recently received the mini piggy banks which we ordered for the Change for a Charity challenge!

The challenge is for people to collect all their loose change each month and to then donate this to THE CATS FOUNDATION. Making the donation is easy – you can either use PayPal or request the charity bank account details to make an online transfer or go into a Lloyds bank to deposit your donation.

THE CATS FOUNDATION piggy banks are branded with our logo and also have information relating to the Change for a Charity challenge. You can see an image of them at the bottom of the page!

We are selling them at £5 each – all we ask you to do is to make your payment via PayPal here after sending us your address and the amount you require via the contact us form here.

We want to get as many people as possible involved in the challenge so please send this page round to your friends so they can get on board!

We will be posting monthly updates on how much we have raised through the Change for a Charity challenge!

To order your piggy bank you need to follow these easy steps:

Finally, an overview of the Change for a Charity challenge can be found here.

Mini Piggy Bank
Mini Piggy Bank

Change for a Charity

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