For the August Bank holiday weekend we took a family trip to London to visit the biggest carnival in Europe at Notting Hill. We wanted Isabella to experience the music and bright colours that the carnival is renowned for, add to this the wonderful aromas that the food stalls sent out we certainly hoped it would stimulate her senses.

After a quick stop at the hotel for drinks, we arrived at the carnival around lunchtime and were able to position ourselves at the front of the crowd to view the procession. We then moved on down the street for lunch where we sat on the road side enjoying the street party and doing some people watching. After lunch we carried on walking around the carnival site enjoying the sounds, smells, colours and amazing atmosphere of the Notting Hill Carnival.

The following day we had arranged to meet our good friends Daniel and Patricia and their girls Amelie and Grace at London Zoo. We spent a wonderful day catching up with each other whilst looking at all the various animals, including Isabella’s favourite which is the giraffe. We also saw Amelie’s adopted animal Jae Jae the tiger who was fast asleep in the sunshine. Unfortunately we were unable to see Grace’s adopted monkey due a restriction preventing us taking pushchairs through their enclosure. However this did not stop us having a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Once again without the support of the CATS Foundation these couple of days would not have been possible. So we would like to say a big thank you to all of the people who support this wonderful charity.

Amelie, Grace and Isabella