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Ataxia Awareness Day – 25th September 2011

Ataxia UK

Ataxia Awareness Day is held on the 25th September every year with an aim to promote the awareness of what ataxia is. Anyone and everyone can get involved – please check out the Ataxia Awareness Day website for more details!

Tay-Sachs and Ataxia

In relation to Tay-Sachs, Ataxia is one of the symptoms of the disease. Ataxia is the name given to a group of neurological disorders that affect balance, coordination, and speech. There are many different types of ataxia that can affect people in different ways.

In an individual affected by Tay-Sachs there is a slow loss of all motor skills – the ataxia which they suffer from is very severe. While some forms of ataxia are treatable, in most cases there is still no cure which is the same for Tay-Sachs itself.

Why should I get involved

According to the charity Ataxia UK although around 10,000 people suffer from ataxia only around 7% of people actually know what it is. Ataxia UK are holding numerous fundraising events on the 25th September as well as asking as many people as possible to arrange and hold their own events – however big or small. Some people are promoting awareness of ataxia wearing t-shirts while others are running a race.

How are The CATS FOUNDATION getting involved

At THE CATS FOUNDATION we are asking everyone who accesses this page to share it to as many people as possible.

There are different ways of doing this, such as:

  • Email all your friends with the link to this page
  • Share this page on Facebook with the button below (the screen shot explains how to do this)
  • Call your friends up and tell them about Ataxia Awareness Day

How to share this page

Sharing this page is easy – simply click on the social media icons which appear above the “About Daniel Lewi” text. Once you have clicked on it you are able to chose which social media, such as Facebook, you want to use. When this is done you will be asked to log into your account and the page will be posted on your Facebook profile. The image below shows where the social media icons appear.

How to share this page

Useful links

Thank you to everyone in advance who promotes this page which results in an increase in the awareness of ataxia.

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