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Assembly to Nightingale Primary School

Nightingale Primary School

We were invited in by Nightingale Primary school in Woolwich, London to give a talk about Tay-Sachs and THE CATS FOUNDATION.

The whole school was there and I explained during the assembly about the disease and how it affects those suffering from it. The children were asked to come up with some fundraising ideas, which we could use, and with their help we are hoping to put some of these in action in the upcoming academic year.

Priya and Gresa who are two of the representatives from their school council showed me around the school. These children are all voted in by their peers to represent the school on various issues and each class has it’s own representative. After the assembly I sat down with the rest of the council and we talked through their ideas on how they can help raise money for THE CATS FOUNDATION.

The ideas were great and ranged from doing a school cake sale, a raffle for various prices (like a hamper) to doing a custard pie fight (using shaving cream)! Apparently they have done this last idea before and it was a huge success – the school managed to raise the most money it has ever done for a charity with all the children and teachers taking part!

We are planning for me to come in again to answer any questions they may have thought of about Tay-Sachs that they didn’t ask on the day. Also, it is planned that we will be helping and taking part in their fundraising events.

I would like to say a massive thanks to Hetal for arranging the visit and of course to the children – they were all so polite and interested in what I was talking about. It is amazing that at such a young age they are all actively thinking about how they can help a charity and I have been told they are excited and taking ownership in their classes with their fundraising ideas! I can’t wait to see these put into action and joining in!


  1. Sue Kahn
    November 9, 2011

    Daniel and Patricia,
    It’s wonderful that you organized this event with your community and school children. It sounds like they’re very inspired to help Amelie and other kids with Tay-Sachs. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!
    Sue Kahn
    NTSAD Executive Director

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