Steph, Dan Trish, Dave, Danni, Ian, Matt and Dan before the run13in13 Challenge

13 in 13 Marathon No.8 – Billericay Run – Event Summary

If only we could see into the future, I imagine we would have tried to pick a weekend which wasn’t the hottest of the year so far for the 8th marathon in the challenge! With temperatures reaching 26 degrees and limited wind the Billericay marathon was always going to be tough, but six of us started the course, which had been specially designed by Matt Lewi (Dan’s brother) in a nice figure of eight in and around Billericay. This enabled others to join along the way to complete anything from 10km up to the full marathon.

Steph, Dan, Trish, Dave, Danni, Ian, Matt and Dan before the run

The two Dan’s, Matt, Steph, Ian and Dave started the race at 9.15am with the aim of avoiding the sweltering heat – if only! It was tough going from the off, with a slow pace ‘being set’ to conserve energy. Unfortunately very early on the larger of the two Dan’s was already feeling pain in high right thigh, a re-occurrence of the IT Band injury which had affected training earlier in the year. The pain usually sets in around the 30km mark, not after 5km! We pushed on with the hope that the pain would subside, but sadly after an hour and half and 13km, the pain was still there and it was a case of retiring to prevent further damage. One Dan down, one to go!

The remaining five runners pushed on to the half way mark, where they were met by the support crew baring food and drinks, and another runner Danni, to join to complete a half marathon. Unfortunately we had another casualty at the half way mark when Dave had to pull out with a knee injury – I guess that’s what happens when you get roped into running a marathon with only two weeks’ notice! Danni was fresh, as was Ian, who (being a 3hr 15min) marathon runner, was taking this as ‘training opportunity’ and barely looked out of breath the whole way round, much to the annoyance of the other runners!

Another few minutes, another casualty, and unfortunately Dan (no. 2) had to rush home at the half way point due to a medical emergency at home (which thankfully got resolved quickly), leaving three remaining runners on course to complete the full marathon.

Time ticked by, and the runners eventually made it to 10km to go, where they were met by Trish, Ben and Jon. From what I’ve been told (I was enjoying a diet coke in the beer garden) the last 10km were excruciatingly painful. I can only imagine how hot it was, as I was struggling with the heat without even running.

Matt and Ian with his medal
Matt presenting Steph with his medal

The guys eventually came into sight and were cheered on over the line by the support crew, friends and family. A massive achievement for the remaining three runners who had managed to complete the full marathon and congratulations to everyone who turned up and got involved in the other distances – even walking in that heat was tough!

Although neither Dan finished the marathon on the day, Dan (no. 2) did haul himself out of bed at 7.00am on Sunday morning and finished the second half of the marathon, to tick another one off the list (which we are not taking as cheating).

A big thank you needs to go to Matt for organising the event, roping in friends and family and even getting some medals made up to hand out afterwards. He did such a good job we’ll be roping him to arrange another marathon in either August or September, which we’d love as many friends and family to join as possible.

We have plenty of photos from the day which we will get online as soon as possible!

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