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13 in 13 Marathon No.7 – The CATS Marathon of London – Event Summary

The CATS Marathon of London was another race which we organised ourselves and we were hoping it would be as successful as our last race the Saracens Marathon.

We had two great pieces of news before this marathon – the first that we would be joined with some friends on the run and the second being that BBC London wanted to do a feature on the 13 marathons in 13 months challenge and on THE CATS FOUNDATION!

Matt Lewi, Mark Jackson, Stephan Walsh and Tom Wright all put their names forward to show their support to the charity and to run The CATS Marathon of London with us. The plan was simple – we would be running the London Marathon course a week before the main race. As a small charity we were unable to get any places for the race and Danny and I wanted to run the London Marathon route – so we decided to just run it the week before!

We all met at 9am in Greenwich Park where Sara Orchard and Richard the cameraman from the BBC met us so we could go through the plan for the day. It was decided that the cameras would film us at the beginning in Greenwich, the 10km mark at the Cutty Sark, the half way point at Tower Bridge, the 30km mark at Canary Wharf and then the finish at the Mall in central London. Danny and I were interviewed about our challenge and the THE CATS FOUNDATION (we are hoping this went well – we won’t know until 6:30om tonight when the feature is on BBC) and then the six of us made our way to the start line. My dad did a countdown and we headed off at a steady pace with our loyal supporters cheering us on (thank you Patricia, Amelie, mum, dad, my sister Kate, my niece Daisy, Nicole and Mike)! After we left I am told my dad then gave a short interview (who enjoyed being in front of the camera) and then Patricia gave one (who didn’t enjoy it as much).

Matt Lewi & Steph Walsh
The boys running

The six of us were flying by the time we saw the camera and supporters at the Cutty Sark and quickly made our way to Tower Bridge. Matt, who was very chirpy in the first few miles suddenly went quiet as we approached the half way mark and we scheduled a stop at 25kms to fefill our bags with Lucozade (we all had to run with our own fluids). A few minutes later, and with some much needed chocloate on board we made our way to Canary Wharf where we made a slight mistake and missed a turning. This didn’t cause us too many problems and we slowly made our way around the office blocks, saw the cameras for the final time on the course and made our way into the city. Our pace had slowed up by now (there was quite a bit of walking) but with Steph getting his second wind we went past the iconic Tower of London at around 4 hours 30 minutes.

The final few kilometers slowly went by and we finished with a flourish (in front of the cameras of course!) up the Mall. The supports of the THE CATS FOUNDATION were there to greet us (now including Llywelyn and Henry) and we all breathed a sigh of relief that the race was finished! We completed the run in 5 hours 23 minutes but my watch showed we had run 44kms rather than 42kms! This was the second mararthon in two weeks for Danny and me while it was Steph’s debut at the distance and the first time in a long while that Matt and Mark had run one. Tom is a regular runner with an impressive sub 4 hour PB!

Dan Lewi enjoying the race
Dan How going strong

We had a great time along the course and although different without the usual crowds during the London Marathon it was still fun! The BBC London feature will be aired on the 18th April from 6:30pm on BBC 1 so please watch it if you can! If you don’t live in London you may need to search through the channels on Sky (or BT Vision etc.) to find which one it is on.

I would like to thank Matt, Steph, Mark and Tom for joining us on the run – it was good to have you all along. Also, they have all agreed to run some more of the marathons with us and Danny and I are looking forward to running with them again. Thank you to everyone who came down to support us on the day and thank you to everyone who continues to support the 13 marathons in 13 months challenge and the THE CATS FOUNDATION itself! Remember, you can still sponsor us at the links below.

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