The three of us before the run13in13 Challenge

13 in 13 Marathon No.10 – Chelmsford Marathon – Event Summary

Hitting the 10th marathon in the 13 marathons in 13 months challenge was an awesome feeling as we had now hit double figures! Dan How was still injured which was disappointing as he has been one of the main drivers behind completing this challenge.

Instead of Dan, my brother once again stepped up to the mark. Also joining us was Matt Regan (Dan’s old house mate) for his debut run for THE CATS FOUNDATION!

The run started at Springfield Medical Centre who were sponsoring this run and the charity – they are hosting a few more events in the future. The run started relatively incident free other than the constant rain. It wasn’t heavy but was the sort of rain which got annoying after a while. We all made good progress to the 15km mark – unfortunately this was where things started to go slightly wrong.

My brother Matt had planned out the route near where he lives in Billericay and where our parents live in Galleywood – this meant he was in charge of the map reading (which was in his head). Although I grew up round that area my sense of direction is pretty rubbish (ask anyone who has been in a car with me) so the other Matt and me left him to it. Unfortunately we missed a right hand turn which would have disastrous consequences on the route. We basically ended up getting lost in Hanningfield and ran in a massive loop through West, East, South and North Hanningfield (they are all separate villages apparently)! We decided the best thing was to head back towards Stock and then re-assess where to run to next. I called Danny to let him know what had happened and he offered to come meet us with some drinks. But, as we had no idea where we were we couldn’t say where to meet us!

The three of us before the run

As the country roads continued and with no street signs to Stock in sight we finally made it to a garden centre where someone in the shop let us look at their map in the boot of their car. This highlighted our worst fears and we were miles off target!! What surprised us was that we had been wanting to find a shop where we could get some drinks and chocolate to re-fuel but the garden centre was the first place we found. We could not believe there were no local shops near any of the houses we ran past – what do these people do if they need to get a pint of milk or the papers, drive everywhere?! I called Danny to give him an update and he said he would meet us wherever we were. However, he did say that he needed to finish his lunch in the pub he was having with my dad and friend of ours called James! The plan was for James to join us for the last 10km but this had now gone out the window – especially after he polished off his steak and beer!

We started heading back in the direction of Stock and finally made it with much relief. Originally this was meant to be at the 18km mark but with our detour it was in fact around the 33km mark where we met Danny, James and my dad. With a quick refuel we cracked on and ran the last part of the marathon to finish!

Matt Regan and the relief of finding a sign to Stock
I would like to say a big thank you to the two Matt’s for joining me on this run – spirits stayed high even though we got lost! Without the two of them it would have been a tough run in the rain and the three of us had a good laugh all the way round. My brother was sworn to run no more of them (he says that after each marathon) while the other Matt is planning on getting involved in the last few marathons which is great news!

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Event name 13 in 13 Marathon No.10 – Chelmsford Marathon
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