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13 in 13 Blog – Week 7

Dan pre-race

Hangovers at the beginning of the week and then panic over the weather by the end. It’s been an up and down week not helped with Danny forgetting to pack his trainers for the marathon this weekend! Luckily his house mate Matt has come to the rescue and at the time of writing this he is bringing them for Danny now!

We are both looking forward to getting the Saxon Shore marathon done so we can sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas!

Dan Lewi

Week 7 of the challenge

Danny and I have been keeping a close eye on the weather for the next race which is the Saxon Shore marathon – the whole of the UK seems to have got a lot colder over the last week!

Luckily for us it seems like although it will be cold there will be some sun so we won’t freeze – the weather forecast is below:

    After a frosty but sunny start to the day everywhere will remain dry, with large amounts of sunshine. Still, it will be rather cold, although the wind will be light. Maximum temperature 6 °C.

We both spent the first part of the week recovering from the Law Society Christmas Ball where we let our hair down for a night. The hangover was well worth it as £750 was raised on the night for THE CATS FOUNDATION which was brilliant!

Training was kept to a minimum to make sure we are fresh for Saxon Shore marathon as this is the third marathon we will be doing in only 6 weeks. The schedule for the beginning of the 13 in 13 challenge has been tight but it does mean we have a nice long break before the January marathon – it also means we can enjoy Christmas without worrying about having to do a marathon a week later.

For this marathon we are heading down to Deal where we have rented a little cottage – Amelie and Patricia are coming down to watch their first marathon in the challenge so it will be nice to have their support, and also the support of my parents on the day! If you are in the area please come on down.

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Date October 2011 – November 2012
Event name 13 in 13
Location All over the UK
Next marathon 10th December 2011 – Saxon Shore marathon
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