Marathons are easy!13in13 Challenge

13 in 13 Blog – Week 6

Marathons are easy!

Resting and a couple of runs have been on the menu this week. We are both conscious of not over doing it before the next race which is the Saxon Shore marathon. We both did a bit too much before the Luton marathon and suffered because of it!

Other than that it has been a relatively quiet week for the two of us and are now wanting to get this next race done so we can think about Christmas!

Dan How

Week 6 of the challenge

After a week of total rest, training was due to start again with a few niggles being felt by both of us. It’s only to be expected really after two marathons in three weeks, especially for non-runners of our stature! The decision to train light is looking like a good one, and probably the only way we’re going to be able to get through this challenge with our knees/ankles/calves/hips intact!

Since the Luton marathon sports massage has been an important element of recovery, even though Dan hasn’t managed to make a session yet. I on the other hand have had two particularly painful sessions and have another to look forward to tomorrow. It’s not a good sign when the physio tells you you’re not going to enjoy the next half hour. Apparently my calves were tighter than when we started (no surprise) and needed a lot of work, along with my right thigh, due to my defined IT band (iliotibial band), something which both Dan and I suffer from. Although it sounds good, the IT band being ‘defined’ is actually a problem and something that we’re both going to have to work on going forward. Luckily/unluckily depending on how much pain you like, we’ve both now got a foam roller, which will enable us to work on the aches and pains in the discomfort of our own homes – not that I’ve done much of that yet!

In terms of actual training, we’ve both managed a couple of runs this week, and although there are clearly some aches and pains, we’re both (sort of) looking forward to the next race which is the Saxon Shore marathon. It’ll be a massive achievement to finish three marathons in six weeks. Thankfully we’ve then got six weeks over Christmas to rest up before the next one!

We’re both still smiling, which is important, but I do have a sneaking suspicion that all those people who called me an idiot for trying this, may actually be right!

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Date October 2011 – November 2012
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Location All over the UK
Next marathon 10th December 2011 – Saxon Shore marathon
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