13 in 13 Blog – Week 3

Dan How

Will I still be smiling?

This week has involved chilling out, going for the odd run and making sure any little niggles are dealt with accordingly! Our motivation levels have risen again in anticipation of the next marathon coming up and we are both strangely looking forward to it.

We have to go sub 5 hours for this race which we should be able to do unless one of us picks up a knock or Dan Lewi’s dodgy left hamstring decides to tear. We will find out in a week!

Dan How

Week 3 of the challenge

It’s the lead week to the Luton marathon with both of us carrying the odd niggle here or there, but generally not feeling too bad. I think it’s safe to say that we’re actually looking forward to Luton at this point in time and really just want to get to the start line and get going. We both managed a good run last week to blow the cobwebs out and will spend most of this week relaxing and giving the legs the best possible chance to be 100% come Sunday morning.

Luton should in theory be easier than Brentwood, with the majority of the race taking place on streets and country lanes. There a couple of hills to contend with, and the cut off time of 5hrs means we’ll have to play close attention to our respective watches, but all in all, we’re feeling confident.

Our strategy of doing fairly little amounts of training in between marathons means that we should arrive fresh. Here’s hoping for a sub 5hr time and once again being able to complete the marathon within picking up any injuries.

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Date October 2011 – November 2012
Event name 13 in 13
Location All over the UK
Next marathon 20th November 2011 – Luton marathon
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Danny How is a close friend of Dan and Patricia who's daughter Amelie was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs in March 2011. He is one of the charity trustees and plays an important role in getting sponsors and promoting The CATS Foundation. Danny is also taking part in the 13 in 13 challenge with Dan Lewi!

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