After the Saracens marathon13in13 Challenge

13 in 13 Blog – Week 23 – 26

After the Saracens marathon

We are well into the challenge now and have just completed the latest two marathons within two weeks of each other! Although it was tough on the body we are both feeling fresher than we were expecting and are now looking towards the 8th marathon in the challenge.

We have had quite a bit of PR in the last month and you can catch us on Sky Sports and BBC London News in the videos below!

Dan How

Week 23 – 26 of the challenge

It’s been two weeks since completing the 7th marathon (The CATS Marathon of London) in the challenge and the strains are starting to show a little, especially on the knees. Physio has been the order of the day and the advice has been to do only light training between now and the next marathon, coming up in two weeks. Although this is great news in terms of giving the legs a much needed rest, it isn’t helpful for the weight loss – or lack of it so far! In fact, a couple of drinking sessions and a week away in Ireland has meant that the larger of the two Dan’s has actually put weight on – which is going to mean the Halstead & Essex marathon (renowned for the fact that it doesn’t have any flat sections) is going particularly painful. We won’t be aiming for a time on this one!

While the larger of the two Dan’s order celexa online comes to terms with the fact it’s time to stay off the booze for a few weeks (rugby trip to Romania excluded) the smaller Dan decided he needed some companionship for the long training runs he was still putting in. Apparently schnauzer’s (some sort of dog I’m reliably informed) not only make good pets, but also like to run a little and Dan is looking forward to the time when he can head off for a run with his trusty steed in tow. Litter training may be needed first, but it’s not like Dan doesn’t have the time!

With two weeks till the next marathon both of us will be aiming for a good week of training coming up, followed by the usual rest week. We’re once again running with Dan’s brother Matthew and their friend Steph and it’ll be good to have some company, as we thoroughly enjoyed running the London marathon with them two weeks ago. Fundraising has gone past the £5k mark, so we’re 20% of the way to our target, which is great news. Thanks for the support so far, I’m sure we’re going to need more support as we get closer to finishing the challenge.

The CATS Foundation on BBC London News

The CATS Foundation on Sky Sports

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