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13 in 13 Blog – Week 2

ROCKTAPE & shaved legs

This week has involved shaving legs, running our first marathon and then recovering in time so we can run the next one in a couple of weeks. Not easy while one of us has been working hard all week (Danny) and the other has been entertaining the in-laws for a week (me)! I have been able to feast on some amazing home cooked Portuguese food though while poor Danny has been living on chicken.

Dan Lewi

Week 2 of the challenge

This week has all been about recovery! Having completed the first marathon in the 13 in 13 challenge (which you can read here) Danny and I have been told by our physio Mark from Archer Physiotherapy and Pilates to put the feet up and do some stretching and light exercise (mainly walking and swimming).

We have both been feeling surprisingly fresh after doing the Brentwood marathon, which will probably end up being one of the toughest marathons of the challenge. This is due to it being a trail marathon involving running up loads of hills, through forests and overcoming the mental torture of completing 12 of the same tough loops!

The last week started with Mark coming over and shaving our legs (yes that’s right) so that we could have the ROCKTAPE applied. Apparently this is the best way for the ROCKTAPE to stay on and not come off during the race (which it didn’t) – however it does means I look a bit weird with only my calves shaved while Danny decided to get his Bic razor out and doing his entire legs!

As you can see in the photo though the tape is orange and fits in nicely with our color scheme! On a more serious note the ROCKTAPE worked wonders and is one of the reasons neither of us got cramp during or after the marathon and are feeling fresh.

We stayed at my parents house the night before the Brentwood marathon and both enjoyed a large portion of my mum’s spaghetti bolognese (her specialty)! Followed up with loads of chocolate supplied by my dad (apparently it is a good source of carbohydrate?!) we both awoke on the day of the race feeling a good few kilos over our idea running weight. However, we did finish the race which has got the 13 in 13 challenge off to a good start!

The next week will see us both up the training again and go out for at least one half marathon to keep the body used to training for a long period. We have just over 2 weeks to the next race in Luton so the week before this we will again taper down the training so we are feeling as fresh as we can for it.

If you want to join us for any of the races throughout the year then please get in touch – the more people who come down the more fun it will be on the day!

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Date October 2011 – November 2012
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Next marathon 20th November 2011 – Luton marathon
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