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13 in 13 Blog – Week 14

Danny going strong

This week we have both chilled out! Our bodies are recovering from the Gloucester Marathon and we are planing on upping the training next week.

We have being planning a new race strategy for the next marathon which is taking some time to work out – we want to finish the London Ultra Marathon in one piece!

Dan Lewi

Week 14 of the challenge

What a difference a week makes! Last Friday Danny and I had a good week of training and were feeling fresh and ready to run the Gloucester Marathon. This week we have been recovering and resting up!

Although we had a six week break between the Saxon Shore Marathon and the Gloucester Marathon we both think that the rest, along with Christmas celebrations didn’t actually do us that many favors. We have had a few aches and pains similar to the Brentwood Marathon although our recovery has been much quicker than that race – mainly because we didn’t have 24 steep hills to run!

We are now in the process of preparing for the next race which is the London Ultra Marathon which will be tough because buy tetracycline online it’s 50km long! However, we are putting in place a race plan which we think will work and is beginning to involve some military planning involving calorie intake, fluid intake, race pace and specific timings! Fingers cross it will work.

Danny has been busy seeing the physio and doing some light training to recover from last Sunday while my focus has been on chilling out with Amelie and resting the legs. I’ve done a couple of small runs and the legs are starting to feel normal which is good. I have a few long training runs trying our new race strategy penciled in for the next couple of weeks which should be fun.

As always we want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us so far with this 13 marathons in 13 months challenge! If you want to join us at any races check out the 13 in 13 schedule, chose the race you want to run and then use the contact us form to let us know!

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