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13 in 13 Blog – Week 12

Time to chill

Training increased, pain increased and motivation dropped (ever so slightly). We both knew that this week would be tough as it was the first week back into serious training and our bodies have been feeling it. One week to the Gloucester marathon though so we have a week of chilling coming up!

It is time for us to start getting more people to come and run the marathons with us so please check our marathon schedule and see which marathon you would like to run with us!

Dan Lewi

Week 12 of the challenge

We have both hit the roads hard this week to build up some of the fitness we lost over Christmas and to also drop some of the weight from excessive eating over the period! Anyone who knows us both will know we are big fans of our food which isn’t the best for your waistline – it’s even worse when you are trying to run a marathon every week!

Luckily (and painfully) we have both dropped some pounds and the fitness is pretty much back to where it should be. All the little pains in muscles we had after the last marathon have cleared up and we are starting to look forward to the Gloucester marathon. The next couple of months will be tough as we have our first ultr-marathon in February (!) and we’re hoping that our bodies will hold up ok during this race as well!

If anyone is in or around Gloucester on 22nd January please come down and support us – you can use the contact us form to let us know you will be there and we will bring some charity t-shirts for you to wear!

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Date October 2011 – November 2012
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Next marathon 22nd January 2012 – Gloucester marathon
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  1. Llywelyn
    January 13, 2012

    I thought you were in excellent shape!

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