Introducing our new family patrons

Introducing our new family patrons

As a small charity which provides help to families affected by a rare disease it can be difficult for us to raise awareness of both the diseases we support, Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff, and the charity itself.

Due to this, we rely on the families we help to get involved with The Cure & Action for Tay-Sachs (CATS) Foundation so we can introduce our charity to a larger audience. Without this support, we would not have been able to grow the charity to the level it is currently at where we can offer respite trips, equipment, support networks and many more things.

At The CATS Foundation we like to identify those individuals who have show a truly unique level of commitment to the charity. This is why we have created our new “family patron” role to recognize those people who have continued to support The CATS Foundation and our fight against Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff disease even though they have also personally had to deal with the consequences of these diseases at home.

So, we would like to introduce our first two “family patrons”, the Alford and the Watson families. Both have been incredibly supportive of The CATS Foundation and have helped us meet our charitable objectives. A short introduction to both families can be found below and if you would like more information then please get in touch.

The Watson Family


Brad and Lauren Watson are the parents to Jack, Archie and Matilda. Sadly, they lost Archie to Tay-Sachs in 2012 but have continued to support The CATS Foundation in any way they can.

“It is an incredible honour to have been asked to be a patrons for the cats foundation. The charity has supported us as a family from the very beginning and still continues to support us today. We are extremely happy to help them continue their fight against Tay Sachs through fundraising and to help future families through our experience and emotional understanding of Tay Sachs.” – Brad and Lauren Watson, March 2014

The Alford Family

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James and Deborah Alford are the parents to Isabella who was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs in 2011. They have been involved with The CATS Foundation from the very beginning and have held many, many events for us.

“We are honoured to have been made family patrons for The CATS Foundation. The charity offers such fantastic support to families in our situation and we will be eternally grateful for all the assistance we have received. In turn we will continue to help and support the charity and other affected families in any way we can.” – James and Deborah, March 2014

Daniel is the father of a little girl called Amelie who was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs in March 2011 when she was 15 months old. After slowly coming to terms with what the future held, Daniel, his wife Patricia and their friends started THE CATS FOUNDATION to raise awareness of the disease and to provide fund raising opportunities so that a potential treatment can be found.

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