Movember for The CATS Foundation

Movember at Stockbrook

As a good friend of Dan Lewi whose daughter suffers from Tay-Sachs I have been racking my brain on fundraising ideas. Working at Stockbrook Manor there were many options – I could host a golf day, a charity dinner or even another sporting event there. But, what I didn’t realize was that the one of the best ideas was right in front of me, or rather right on the end of my lip!

Movember is held throughout the month of November where lots of men grow a moustache to raise awareness of cancers that affect men (such as prostate and testicular). The goal with Movember is that anyone who is seen sporting a ‘tash during November will instantly be linked to the challenge.

A load of guys at my work have always (like most men) wanted to see whether they can grow a ‘tash but have never had the confidence to do it on the part they may look slightly ridiculous. But, Movember gives everyone the excuse to finally grow the hair on the top lip with the ability to say “I’m doing it for charity” if anyone ever questions them. Some of us taking part are in the photo top online lexapro below just before the Movember challenge!

Movember at Stockbrook

We decided as a group that the money we raise will go to THE CATS FOUNDATION because if anyone asks us why we are doing it we can now say “I’m doing it for charity – but the charity is for Tay-Sachs”. The plan here is that people will then ask us what Tay-Sachs is and we can all go on to explain the disease – this will hopefully raise more awareness of the disease.

So, with the final ceremonial shave taking place on the 31st October a large group of us are proudly going to be wearing the hair on our top lip for a month! The final list of those taking part is at the bottom of this page and you can sponsor us as a group by clicking on the PayPal button below. We will be posting weekly updates of photos of everyone’s moustache efforts!

The moustache growers

Stephan Walsh James Myers Dave Smith Alex Priddle Terry Carabine
Dan Lewi Matt Lewi Nick Phillips Matt Lumm Andrew Fisher
Jon Watts Alex Boon Sam Adams James Lockwood Steve Smith
Dave Neave Colin Bannell Danny Guy Connor Hamilton James Staab

Event details

Date November 2011
Event name Movember for The CATS Foundation
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Stephan has a close friend who's daughter suffers from Tay-Sachs. Working at a large manor house and golf course, Stephan plans to put on as many events for The CATS Foundation as possible!


  1. Hi, im Stef’s brother in law and i am also doing movember for CATS! Have roped a few of my mates in as well. Will keep you up to date on fundraising.

    • Thanks James – you have been added to the list! Send a picture of your ‘tash so far so we can upload it to the website!

      You can email me the pic at


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