London Triathlon – Event Summary

London Triathlon 2011

The swim start

On Sunday 31st July Dan Lewi, Dan How and Adham Khalek took on the London Triathlon for THE CATS FOUNDATION!

The day began with all three making excuses as to why they won’t be finishing the triathlon – ranging from too little training to too much partying in the months leading up to the event. Having set a rather conservative target time of 3 hours 30 minutes everyone set off in the apparently EU approved dark and murky water of the Royal Victoria Dock in East London.

With a quicker than expected 1.5 km swim time by everyone followed by a a fast 40km ride on the bike all three were on target to smash the expected finish time. The 10km run was run in four loops which meant the crowds were always around to cheer everyone on. The picture shows the boys post event with their medals and t-shirts with their final results below the image.

The guys in their CATS Foundation t-shirts - Adham Khalek, Dan Lewi and Dan How (from left to right)

The final finish times were much quicker then everyone thought with Adham going under three hours and both Dan’s finishing just over this mark – the final results are below.

Adham Khalek – 02:57:19
Dan Lewi – 03:02:23
Dan How – 03:02:23

To make a donation online for the guys effort at finishing the London Triathlon please click the PayPal button below! You can also donate in the usual ways by accessing the donate now page on the website – thank you in advance for your generosity!

Event details

Date 31 July 2011
Event name London Triathlon
Location London
Total raised TBD
Daniel is the father of a little girl called Amelie who was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs in March 2011 when she was 15 months old. After slowly coming to terms with what the future held, Daniel, his wife Patricia and their friends started THE CATS FOUNDATION to raise awareness of the disease and to provide fund raising opportunities so that a potential treatment can be found.


  1. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us for this challenge – the total raised is quickly rising from TBD!


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