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Hearing the words “it’s Tay-Sachs” is a life changing event. As a parent, grandparent, other family member or friend these words normally result in two questions – “what is Tay-Sachs?” and “how serious is Tay-Sachs?”.

Most people will not have heard about the disease, including the parents, so it is important to educate everyone involved. By gaining an understanding of exactly what Tay-Sachs is and will involve, will leave you in a better mind set to deal with the challenges ahead caused by Tay Sachs.

At THE CATS FOUNDATION we have put together a list of items which you may want more clarity on after receiving the diagnosis. Simply click on the section which will take you to a page outlining more detailed information. If you feel there is something significant missing then please either use the contact us form to send more information or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

1. What is Tay-Sachs

This section provides a detailed overview of what Tay-Sachs is.

2. Questions

This section links directly to our FAQ section on the website. There are answers to various questions we have been asked about Tay-Sachs and is constantly being updated. The answers have been provided by families living with the disease and some of the top health care professionals in their field. If you have any questions you would like answered then please contact us.

3. Publications

This section contains useful articles in our resource centre about Tay-Sachs and living with the disease.

4. Support

This section contains a list of support networks in our resource centre.

We also have a forum on the website where you can discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Please check out our forums page for details on how to use the service.

5. Get involved

Contact us to see how you can get involved with THE CATS FOUNDATION.

Daniel is the father of a little girl called Amelie who was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs in March 2011 when she was 15 months old. After slowly coming to terms with what the future held, Daniel, his wife Patricia and their friends started THE CATS FOUNDATION to raise awareness of the disease and to provide fund raising opportunities so that a potential treatment can be found.

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  1. Since the launch of the CATS Foundation and Today Was Not About Tay-Sachs (http://www.todaywasnotabouttaysachs.com/) we have had lots of families get in touch with their own stories where they have been affected by Tay-Sachs and other similar diseases.

    I guess the message we are really trying to get across is that you really aren’t alone. We know how it feels to be told that you child has this disease, but there are people out there going through the same thing who can help you and support you. Don’t feel isolated. Please look through the websites as there is loads of useful information provided.

    The foumns are a great place to pick up some tips for dealing with lots of different things.



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