Axel’s Endurance Challenge 2012

Axel's Endurance Challenge 2012

On Friday 27th July at 15:00, Robin Seymour, Malcom Bradley, Nigel Smith and Axel Thill will leave Guildford Harley-Davidson to start a weekend of endurance riding to 23 Harley Dealerships in UK.

Axel and his friends we will try to ride over 1,430 miles in 52 hours and hope to raise money for their individual chosen charities – Axel has chosen to support THE CATS FOUNDATION.

Axel’s Endurance Challenge 2012

How to donate to Axel’s challenge

You can make a donation to the challenge through JustGiving by clicking on the link here or the button below.

Event details

Date 27th July 2012
Event name Axel’s Endurance Challenge
Location UK
Donate on JustGiving Donate JustGiving
Daniel is the father of a little girl called Amelie who was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs in March 2011 when she was 15 months old. After slowly coming to terms with what the future held, Daniel, his wife Patricia and their friends started THE CATS FOUNDATION to raise awareness of the disease and to provide fund raising opportunities so that a potential treatment can be found.

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